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Iggy Pop - "We are the People"

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Iggy Pop (Punk élégant de 72 ans), dans son dernier très émouvant album "Free", récite un saisissant poème de Lou Reed...



We are the people without land.
We are the people without tradition.
We are the people who do not know how to die peacefully and at ease.
We are the thoughts of sorrows.
Endings of tomorrows.
We are the wisps of rulers and the jokers of kings.

We are the people without right.
We are the people who have known only lies and desperation.
We are the people without a country, a voice or a mirror.
We are the crystal gaze returned through the density and immensity of a berserk nation.
We are the victims of the untold manifesto of the lack of depth of full and heavy emptiness.

We are the people without sorrow who have moved beyond national pride and indifference to a parody of instinct.
We are the people who are desperate beyond emotion because it defies thought.
We are the people who conceive our destruction and carry it out lawfully.
We are the insects of someone else’s thought.
A casualty of daytime, nighttime, space and god without race, nationality or religion.
We are the people.
The people.
The people.


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