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Social Distortion, le 8 Juin 2009 au Bataclan à Paris

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Spéciale Dédicace à mon frère des 1000 et 1 guerres... Bro' Vince.


Social Distortion



I'm heading down a lonely highway
I'm running down a one-way street
I wanna know are you going my way
is there some place quiet where we can meet
and friends they come and friends they go
but you were always by my side
And where it all ends I don't know
Don't cry no more just hold on tight
there was a time when I was desperate
Living in a town without a name
And when things got so dark and desolate
You taught me how to hide my shame
And kings and queens and millionaires
May never know what I have known
And thank the stars I'm the lucky one,
Thanks for the lessons that I have been shown

I feel rich, I feel power, and security
and when I'm weak, you are strong
Once in a lifetime, twice in eternity
And guess what? Nothing else matters anyways


Des punks qui ont d'excellentes fréquentations...

...avec Bruce Springsteen...

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Thanx brother !

Écrit par : Bro'Vince | 23/03/2009

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