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Rory Gallagher - Heaven's Gate

=--=Publié dans la Catégorie "Blues"=--=



You're feeling haunted
See those shadows on the shades?
You're stalking 'round the room
Your name is on the blade

The darkness 'round your neck
Is like a metal claw
Who is gonna save you?
Who will hear you call?

You'll never get to Heaven
Putting money in the plate
Can't bribe St.Peter
When you're at Heaven's gate

Right now you wonder
How crazy things can be
You delt your own hand
Five card destiny

Roller coaster feeling
From the floor
Someone stole the key
Out of your door

Just what you needed
Shadow on the blinds
Feel so somersalted
Trying to keep your sense of time

Lightning on the windows
Just to seal your fate
Who is gonna save you
When you're at Heaven's Gate


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